Free STEAM Challenges

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These challenges in a box are free to download and use to help school inspire pupils to enjoy STEAM subjects.


However, I suggest that you give a small donation (e.g. £20, $30) to the Memusi Schools in remote Kenya so that they can install electricity and then get computers. Please see you.


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There are separate pages for Primary and Secondary education. Eco Challenges.



Locally in Coventry and Warwickshire we have:


-        Pupil Challenge Kits – 19 different activity kits - Sufficient resources for 8 teams of 4 - For  topics – click to download.


-        Speakers – Over 20 speakers presenting careers and hot topics – click to download.


-        In-school help with careers fairs, mock interviews, pupil challenges, etc.


Derrick Willer MBE

Volunteer IET Education Officer for schools and STEM Ambassador

dwilleruk @ yahoo. com