Free STEAM Challenges

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Eco Club challenges in a box are free to download and use to help school inspire pupils to enjoy STEAM subjects.


However, I suggest that you give a small donation (e.g. £20, $30) to the Memusi Schools in remote Kenya so that they can install electricity and then get computers. Please see you.


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Replacing The Family Car

Pupils should investigate the whole-life carbon footprint of a car using the internet. They should draw graphs pie-charts, etc. comparing buying a new car versus keeping the old one. Internet research, spreadsheets, etc. can be used and make this relevant to the challenge subject. Suitable for pupils aged 12-16. (Homework, 4+ hours)

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Power For Our House Or School

Outlining the methodology for determining the type of Eco-Power for your house or school. Which is best? Solar, Wind Turbine, Heat Pump. Which type pf Heat Pump? Etc.

House Of Gadgets

For 9 - 13 year olds. An exercise to understand sustainability and conservation. Pupils imagine what will happen if rubbish is not collected. Then there is a short story about conservation. The pupils decide on a gadget to make and are given recycled materials to make a mock-up of it. (2½-3 hours)

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Hydrogen As A Fuel

Hydrogen powered cars, etc. are already working at Birmingham and other universities. Pupils make hydrogen and oxygen and test them. They are then asked to work out the best place to make hydrogen using sunlight. They should work out the costs of transporting from source to point of use - including compressing/liquefying the gas. Internet research, graphs, spread-sheets, etc. can be used and make this relevant to the challenge subject. Suitable for pupils aged 12-16. (In-school experiment, 30 mins, Homework 4+ hours)

Animals in Danger

Ten examples of endangered animals. What are they? Where do they live? What do the eat? And What is the danger?

Why Lag Your House?

A simple card based exercise for younger pupils to learn how insulating your home can improve heating and save on energy. Suitable for pupils aged 5-13. (60 mins)

The Water Cycle

An experiment to show the water cycle – evaporation  and condensation.


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Gaia is the idea that living organisms on a planet will affect the nature of their environment. Can the pupils list some of the problems and their possible solutions?



Make a Barometer

Make a barometer using a jam jar and a record on graph paper

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Make a Thermometer

Make a thermometer out of a drinks bottle, a straw, alcohol and water.

Is The Environment Contaminated?

Pupils make a filter using a solar cell, a fan and a gauze and use this to examine the environment.

Measure Wind Speed

Make an anemometer and measure wind speed. Compare to weather forecasts to obtain a conversion factor between revolutions per minute and published wind speed.


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ECO Challenge

How can your school benefit from solar panels and heat pumps. Do the calculations for your school.




Derrick Willer MBE

Volunteer STEM Ambassador