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Fun Maths Lecture 32 mins


Fun Maths Lecture 20 mins


Sum Real Maths Lecture


Sum Real Maths Lecture 2


Electric Vehicle Lecture


Midlands Climate Change Conference 2021


Your Career


My Career


STEAM and Climate Change 2021


STEAM and Climate Change 2022


Johnny Ball Christmas























Alien Counting
Card Tricks with Algebra

Measuring Square Roots

And More


A shortened version of the same presentation



Eleven maths activities encompassing electromagnets, drawing square roots, card trick, speed of light and sound, and more



Ten maths activities including a card trick, finding the height of a table, resistance, poker, steel band, probability and more


Outlining the problems and some solutions to make vehicles ecologically sound


A presentation about how local schools are supported


Some engineering but really how to plan your future career


Derrick’s career as an engineer


Presentation by Derrick Willer of the support for climate change and schools


Presentation by Derrick Willer of the project to get solar panels for schools


Johnny Ball is the TV personality and maths guru