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“An amazing book for explaining mathematical concepts in an engaging manner.” Dalia, 14, UK

“I liked the random format - that helped it to feel like a book, not a textbook.”, Archie, 14 ,UK

“A lovely book that introduces complex maths topics to children in a refreshing and interesting way.” Helen, teacher UK

“My favourite part of the book was the history of multiplication, it was very fascinating.” Emily, 15, UK

“The format kept me interested in reading the book throughout and the contents helped me better understand certain aspects of algebra”, Oliver 14, Canada

“Invaluable in a home school environment”, Bob, teacher, UK

“I found the book incredibly fun to work through.”, Stephanie, 15, UK

“It is a very enjoyable book for all and I would recommend to all my friends.”, Sarah, 14, UK

“I have been able to accumulate useful information such as being able to use algebra,” Imaan, 15, UK

“A really interesting book that teaches lots of different maths concepts while having fun with the subject.”, Jo, Teacher, UK

“My favourite part was the easy-to-understand magic tricks which also explained the maths behind them.” Rhea, 15, UK




Ancient Multiplication

Divisible By Numbers

Sum Geometry

Letter Sums

Just Counting

Sum Problems To Solve

Is It A Prime Number?

Sum Probability

More Geometric Sums

Where Did Numbers Come From

Sum Indices

Palindrome Numbers

More Funny Sums

Sum More Card Tricks

Sum Fun With Algebra

Handy Multiplication

Problems Solved

More Geometry

Sum More Science

Sum Card Tricks

Geometric Sums

Where Did Money Come From

Sum More Logic

Sum Christmas

Sum More Counting

Sum Science

Sum Logic

Sum Interesting Sums

Sum Calculus


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