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 Free Activity Slides 

 These slides are offered free of charge to all teachers and pupils during the pandemic and the need for home-learning.

 However we ask for a donation towards two schools in Africa run by the Memusi Foundation.

 The two schools are near a small town Magadi in Kenya, over 70 miles from Nairobi, the capital city.

 They have several hundred pupils eager to learn so they have separate morning and afternoon school groups.

 They have no electricity so no computers and no lights for homework.




We need to raise some UK£30,000 to help provide electricity.


We suggest you donate UK£1 for a single set of slides, UK£10 for ten and UK£20 for all 30 sets of slides.


Please donate at


    Magadi School                                                                                                      Shompole School



Please click on the title to download.


Just Counting


Sum Handy Multiplication


Sum Geometry


More Geometric Sums

Sum Fun With Algebra


Geometric Sums


Sum Probability


Sum More Science

Sum Card Tricks


Sum Science


More Funny Sums


Sum More Card Tricks

Sum Card Tricks 2


Divisible By Numbers


More Geometry


Sum Christmas

Sum More Counting


Is It A Prime Number?


Sum More Logic


Sum Calculus

Ancient Multiplication


Palindrome Numbers


Sum More Logic 2


References and Acknowlegements

Sum Problems To Solve


Problems Solved


Sum Interesting Sums



Sum Indices


Sum Logic


Letter Sums










Set 1
Suggested Donation £10


Set 2
Suggested Donation £10


Set 3
Suggested Donation £10


Complete Set
Suggested Donation £20



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